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The (Digital) Natives are Restless

Technology is often underused in education where most often the Power Point presentation is considered to be the epitome of high-tech. For some reason, seasoned educators scoff at social media and other digital tools as effective ways of reaching out … Continue reading

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Speaking of communities

I am particularly fascinated by the communities of blogging parents that seem to have sprung up almost overnight. ¬†Though I’m not a parent, I sometimes end up reading the different “mommy” and “daddy” blogs and even subscribing to some. ¬†Eventually, … Continue reading

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Hyperlinked and hyperlocal

Last week, I talked about how a library needs to be more transparent since today’s users instinctively distrust any attempt at secrecy. This week’s readings about the hyperlinked organization emphasizes just how much transparency is required in order for organizations … Continue reading

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Transparency in the Digital Age

Just last night, I thought to myself that the media and Internet blackout in Egypt was eerie, not because the government is trying to clamp down on any type of unrest or the freedom of speech (though it is doing … Continue reading

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