Deep End

My school district starts after Labor Day, so this week has all been about getting the rooms ready, plus three days of professional development and inservice. As the librarian and IT person, the latter position for which I am only somewhat suited to fill, I was running around these past two days (not three because the other teachers didn’t know who I was) trying to get computers working and printers printing. Fortunately, most of the issues were things I could fix, with a couple of exceptions. However, I did get a couple of requests to move computers around, which I am not happy about. After all, that could be done by the teachers themselves.

I still have some lesson planning to do and seating arrangements to make. I even received permission from the Library Dept. to implement various Web 2.0 tools into my curriculum.

I’m a little overwhelmed and feeling breathless, but I can’t wait for this new year to start. I’m more excited about starting out this year than I have been even as a regular classroom teacher.


About Anna Kim

I am a school librarian with Chicago Public Schools.
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