Storify and storytelling

In my paper about educational technology, I mentioned Storify as a great classroom tool. After watching the president’s speech last night, I decided to create a story of my own and pulled in various news items, images, and even tweets. The tool is simple to use. Items from the web can be accessed easily via the actual website; however, twitter doesn’t load properly if there are too many people trying to access it at once, like last night. Occasionally, I looked through my own RSS reader and copied links from there to Storify because I didn’t like the options that showed up on the Google News app on Storify. Regardless, I can see this tool being used in class as a way for students to create stories that make sense of the events that are happening in the world by giving them some context.

[View the story “10 years” on Storify]


About Anna Kim

I am a school librarian with Chicago Public Schools.
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