Chicago politics

Though I don’t live in Chicago, it’s difficult to avoid the news about the current mayoral race.  I’m not going to pretend that I understand politics very well.  Whatever I know is in very broad terms.  However, I was surprised at how divided people are at the prospect of Rahm Emanuel becoming the mayor.  Personally, from what little I know of him, he seems like an individual who is capable of “getting things done”.   But, his opponents seem to think that his style of leadership is more of a blunt weapon than a fine instrument.

If Emanuel’s worst trait is that he speaks his mind and isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty, at least metaphorically, then he might be what Chicago needs right now.  I feel that Mayor Daley was more of a visionary, with his plans to introduce more art into the city and to make it more environmentally-friendly, but there’s no denying that there are still a lot of issues that were never really taken care of (schools!! corruption!).  After a visionary at the helm for such a long time, it might be time for a manager to step in.

Now that Emanuel is back on the ballot for good, it will be interesting to see how the mayoral race pans out.

Originally posted on my LIS 716 site.


About Anna Kim

I am a school librarian with Chicago Public Schools.
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