Librarians and Communication

Even though teachers are encouraged to collaborate with each other, I don’t think I’ve seen them communicate with each other to the extent that librarians do.  Part of this may be due to the fact that librarians belong to a smaller community than educators, but from a purely subjective viewpoint, I see librarians embracing technology in ways that teachers do not.  I graduated with a Masters in Secondary Education in 2006 and not once, during that program, did I take any classes that focused solely on communication or the use of new technology to facilitate collaboration.

I’ve only taught for three years and even though collaboration, as a concept, was thrown out many times, I’ve rarely seen it put into effective practice, partly because it was so difficult to communicate with the others.  This difficulty arose, not just from a lack of time or the inability to schedule a time to meet, but because we were unaware of or didn’t take advantage of the multitude of social media tools at our disposal.

I am working on a group project for another weekend class.  In an effort to share our notes and findings, we created a wiki page using wikispaces while I am using my Box account to store articles that the others can also access.  This format is especially important to us since our varying schedules prevent us from finding a common time in which to meet face-to-face.  Though we may not be talking to each other, I find that we are still managing to communicate successfully via our class page, wikispace, and even Twitter.

Originally posted on my LIS 716 blog.


About Anna Kim

I am a school librarian with Chicago Public Schools.
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