Communication and my past life

I’ve sometimes wondered why I had trouble maintaining a blog or online journal for more than a few years.  I had always assumed that I just lost interest too quickly.  However, after determining my personality type, I wonder if it’s because of my reflective nature.  I don’t like to post anything without first thinking it through because I know that what is online will remain up there for eternity.  Since those words represent me, I want them to be the best representation they can be.  Of course, this can get rather time consuming, especially when I go back and edit the post because I feel that I wasn’t clear on something or I have something better to say.

Communication is an essential part, not just of effective leadership, but of life.  It sounds so dramatic, but even the workers on the lowest run of the corporate ladder need to know who to communicate with each other and with their superiors if they wish to advance.  In fields where collaboration is especially essential for growth, it sometimes seems that communication is a bit lacking.

Reading The Adaptive School was an eye-opener for me since it helped to explain a lot of the frustration and unease that I had felt while teaching at my previous school.  There was definitely a lack of communication among the administration, from the CEO down to the Main Office, which only served to confuse and anger the teachers who were expected to make sense of the confusing, and sometimes contradictory, edicts issued from above.

Originally posted on my LIS 716 blog


About Anna Kim

I am a school librarian with Chicago Public Schools.
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