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Transparency in the Digital Age

Just last night, I thought to myself that the media and Internet blackout in Egypt was eerie, not because the government is trying to clamp down on any type of unrest or the freedom of speech (though it is doing … Continue reading

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Chicago politics

Though I don’t live in Chicago, it’s difficult to avoid the news about the current mayoral race.  I’m not going to pretend that I understand politics very well.  Whatever I know is in very broad terms.  However, I was surprised … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader

I think leadership is a concept that confuses many people.  We live in a society that encourages all of us to think as leaders, but forgets that if everyone leads, there is nobody to follow.  Though it may be true … Continue reading

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Librarians and Communication

Even though teachers are encouraged to collaborate with each other, I don’t think I’ve seen them communicate with each other to the extent that librarians do.  Part of this may be due to the fact that librarians belong to a … Continue reading

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Communication and my past life

I’ve sometimes wondered why I had trouble maintaining a blog or online journal for more than a few years.  I had always assumed that I just lost interest too quickly.  However, after determining my personality type, I wonder if it’s … Continue reading

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Reaching ALL Users

What are libraries? Though he has some nice things to say about libraries, even the Old Spice Guy can’t help but compare libraries to book repositories.  He doesn’t mention that recent economic events have placed librarians in positions that they … Continue reading

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About me

Librarians, as a whole, are people who love books and love to read.  That’s partly why we decide to go into the field.  Then we learn that we can’t sit at the desk and read all day.  There’s actual Work … Continue reading

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